Recent design education and process discussions

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Still, nothing changes the fact that the computer ≠ design.

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Even that early on, I knew that design was about more than getting funky
glasses and flipping through type magazines–It had everything to do with
the idea. How could you effectively explore or begin to develop an idea
without first scratching down some thumbnails and messing about?

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Creativity on the computer has become a philosophical question for me. I
have a background in fine art and I’ve been around long enough to know the
difference between drawing with a conte crayon and finessing a bezier
curve with a mouse. There is something lost between the artist working
late into the night with paintbrush and furious passion, to the ‘group
mind’ connect the computer provides. It all becomes just a little
homogenized when individual passion is watered down in the endless ocean
of surfing. More than enough phish in the sea.

I remember when art was actually a required part of public school
curriculum. Not that it was great in all cases, but it was there. Now
teaching technique supersedes teaching critical thinking in American
education. I teach symbolism as visual literacy for designers, which you
might think would be of interest to many aspiring designers, but my
classes are small compared to the newest software bells-and-buzzer
offerings enough of the time to know the priorities have shifted. Even
with consistently high student evaluations for what they learned in my
class over many consecutive years, enrollment is not what it should be and
schools promote computer training well over design philosophy instruction.
And my own training? Finding available classes or workshops in esoteric
studies such as semiotics or sacred geometry are virtually non-existent in
this country. Do a search on Google, you’ll see what I mean. So I read and
conjecture a lot. And I use, God forbid, intuition and my own experience
as teaching tools.


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