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November 9, 2007 Comments Off on Friday Links

  • Geek To Live: Turn Thunderbird into the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client
    sorts out all the extra mailboxes added when you start using Gmail IMAP

  • Using Firebug to Tweak Type and Layout

    In addition to offering a whole host of tools for web developers, it can also help you to tweak your type. You can quickly make adjustments to line-height and font-size, letter-spacing, and even change your type on the fly.

  • 40+ Excellent Freefonts For Professional Design
    high-quality fonts available for free download

  • What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like
    how all HTML files should be organized

  • How to Build a Paper Research Database
    detailed directions to setting up Excel for containing all your research and making paper writing easier

    The big advantage this tool gives you is a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant issues. You’ll be astonished by how this legwork will change the feel of your writing process. You’ll approach the page with confidence — which is a novel sensation for most non-professional writers. This confidence allows you to write strong, declarative sentences. It removes that sense of straining to connect paragraphs and eat up space that plagues undergrad papers and disappoints professors. And it allows you to make well-reasoned, original arguments.

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